Honoree Spotlight

William C. Fredericks

Age: 20

I live in: New York, NY

College / High School: Gap Year

Three words to describe myself: Caring, Intelligent, and Funny

A quote I love:
“Lightning makes no sound until it strikes” ~MLK

A book I love: Born A Crime ~ Trevor Noah

A civic superhero I look up to?

Overview of the project they are working on right now that includes the impact the project is making.

My overall role for CU is just being available and ready to help with any tasks thrown my way. I started out researching grants for CU. Followed by doing travel logistics for CU fellows whole CU DC was still happening. I was then asked to come up with new ideas for the CU community. I had the idea of connecting our Fellows with organizations for internships, we needed something more realistic so the team and I decided to move for with having our very own CU interns. I am now currently helping out with organizing our CU Juneteenth event.

Why I am excited to join Civics 2030
I want to make a change and I am confident that this is the first step in the right direction.

My vision for the future of American democracy
My vision for the future of American democracy is to have equal opportunities for everyone if qualified and to ultimately find peace united.

The kind of superhero I am striving to become
The kind of civic superhero who inspires others to take that first step to making a change.