Honoree Spotlight

Tatyannah C Santos-Lopez

Age: 16

I live in: Riverview, Florida

College / High School: East bay senior high school

Three words to describe myself: Committed, Leader, Role model

A quote I love:
“Those who do not know the past are doomed to repeat it”

A book I love: “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury

A civic superhero I look up to?
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Overview of the project they are working on right now that includes the impact the project is making.

I have served on the Civics 2030 Launch Committee and its Selection Sub-committee. I wrote many letters whether it’s to speakers or organizations, and interviewed many honorees and drove a lot of the selection process. I have, along with the AMAZING CU staff and launch committee fellows have done everything in our power to make sure that commence runs smoothly and we have a successful launch week.

Why I am excited to join Civics 2030
I loved being so involved in CU this year and look forward to continuing guiding our generation.

My vision for the future of American democracy
That people will only be judged on their actions, not demographics.

The kind of superhero I am striving to become
I am striving to become the civic superhero that everyone to look up to for anything they want/ need no matter who they are.