Honoree Spotlight

Jazlyn M. Leonso

Age: 17

I live in: Bowie, MD

College / High School: Bowie Highschool

Three words to describe myself: Ambitious, Hardworking, Kind

A quote I love:
“Get busy living or get busy dying.” — Stephen King

A book I love: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

A civic superhero I look up to?
Sandra Cisneros

Overview of the project they are working on right now that includes the impact the project is making.

My project is empowering minority and immigrant youth to uplift at-risk communities. To make sure they are not only properly informed , but supported. Attacking systemic oppression & creating a community to spread love, education, and awareness.

Why I am excited to join Civics 2030
I want to be surrounded by individuals who are as eager and passionate to create change as much as I am.

My vision for the future of American democracy
My vision for the future of American democracy is where we meet equity with equality and every voice is heard, every skin color seen, and every individual being properly represented.

The kind of superhero I am striving to become
The type of civic superhero I am striving to be is a fighter for change, with relentless passion and compassion for our future.