Honoree Spotlight

Emily Miri Cho

Age: 18

I live in: Wilmette, Illinois

College / High School: North Shore Country Day School/Harvard University

Three words to describe myself: I dream big.

A quote I love:
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

A book I love: The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream by Barack Obama

A civic superhero I look up to?
Bryan Stevenson

Overview of the project they are working on right now that includes the impact the project is making.

Emmy co-founded the Chicago Asian-American Youth Coalition (AAYC) with a vision of fostering communication, empathy, and solidarity among Asian-American youth in the greater Chicagoland area. Before COVID-19, AAYC met regularly to plan a symposium, engage in civic and political discourse, and continue to redefine what it means to be Asian-American today. Currently, Emmy is working to make AAYC go digital, and, by extension, how to launch AAYC to a state, then national, scale. In light of recent events, AAYC is working to develop collaborative initiatives to support the Black Lives Matter movement, address racism within Asian and Asian-American communities, and unpack the model minority theory through discourse, grassroots advocacy, student testimonials, and expert perspective.

How I will use the stipend to scale
AAYC will use the $1,000 stipend to revamp its digital interface, organize a virtual symposium, gather and publish student testimonials, and grow from a local to a state to a national level.

Why I am excited to join Civics 2030
It is a burgeoning civics education initiative that claims "The kids will lead"... Need I say more?!

My vision for the future of American democracy
A collaborative and enriching ecosystem of passionate citizens and livers who empower others and themselves through goodwill, critical thinking, and empathy.

The kind of superhero I am striving to become
A leader whose leadership is met with genuine goodwill, integrity, and respect.