Honoree Spotlight

Dariel Cruz Rodriguez

Age: 16

I live in: Orlando, FL

College / High School: Colonial High School

Three words to describe myself: Caring, Determined, Creative

A quote I love:
"Do what you can't." - Casey Neistat

A book I love: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

A civic superhero I look up to?
Mr. Jesso, my 8th grade U.S. History teacher.

Overview of the project they are working on right now that includes the impact the project is making.

Aside from my work preparing for Civics Unplugged by my management of social media, I have recently started on an initiative with my friend Elena Ashburn called “Students For Open Primaries (SFOP).” In Florida, there will be an amendment on the ballot called “Amendment 3”, which will make primary elections in Florida essentially ‘open’. Under the current closed primary system, many of my Gen Z peers are disenfranchised in primary elections, since a large majority of young voters identify as an independent. Me and my partner started SFOP to get the word out about this game changing amendment, and I believe that this is the next step towards a true American democracy.

Why I am excited to join Civics 2030
The Civics 2030 community will empower me and thousands more over the course of the decade to build a brighter future for American democracy.

My vision for the future of American democracy
I see a future where one's quality of education isn't determined by economical or social classes, their choice of public/private school, or by their 5 digit ZIP code.

The kind of superhero I am striving to become
I am trying to become an educational civic superhero, advocating for a system derived from personality and traits than academia and scores.