Commence 2030 broadcasted to the world on Saturday, June 27th. Watch the recording here.

Produced by Civics Unplugged, Commence 2030 was a first-of-its-kind celebration of Gen Z “civic superheroes” who go above and beyond for their communities and are ready to “commence” a brighter future for our country’s democracy.

Commence 2030 served as the launch platform for a decade of initiatives that will shape youth civic participation and will feature speeches from world leaders such as Senator Cory Booker, Andrew Yang (entrepreneur and founder of Move Humanity Forward), Dwayne Johnson (Hollywood superstar), Audrey Tang (the Digital Minister of Taiwan), Kathy Roth-Douquet (the founder of Blue Star Families, the largest military families network), and more!

At the event, dozens of Gen Zers were honored for their extraordinary public service work during 2020.

Why was it called “Commence 2030”?

Everything we do at Civics Unplugged is focused on empowering the leaders of Gen Z to build the future of American communities and American democracy.

We’re so committed to this mission that on July 4th, we will launch the Civics 2030 Campaign, a decade-long initiative to mobilize funds and support for these leaders as they build toward a much brighter future by 2030.

Commence 2030 “commenced” Civics 2030 Launch Week on June 27th. And the two words, “Commence” and “2030,” come together to say… “Let’s build the future, now!”